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The best time to buy a car

Searching for a good deal on car can be one of the hardest tasks that you will perform whole year. But there is a trick to make this task easier. The time of the year when you leave your house for car hunt matters a lot. There are seasonal factors involved in such heavy purchases and this is why you should be very careful while making one. Here we have a list of things that you should remember if you wish to get your hands on an amazing deal of used cars.

Looking for a car in the right season has potential to save you thousands of bucks. Here’s how:

  • Every six month i.e the start of June and December dealers are looking for their quarterly hit to sum up their yearlong sales and achieve their target which they had initially set in the beginning of the year. This way they are ready to offer good deals so that more and more customers can be attracted. This is a great time to bring out your negotiation skills.
  • Autumn and winter are one of those seasons where people don’t like to walk out in cold but prefer to be seated in a warm four wheeler. This means that summer should be the perfect time to buy one as people rarely use cars replacing them with bikes. But if you live in opposite conditions then it will be other way around for you like high demand in summers and low demand in autumn and winter.
  • Every country has a specific set of months when they issue the new number plates. For example if your government issues number plates in March and September then a month earlier the sales will be low as the dealers wait for new plates. This urges dealers to set up great offers and accept bargain as something is better than nothing.
  • Look out for the new car models that arrive in the showroom. A remake of Nissan pre owned Dubai can be bought in cheaper rates as the new model is soon to arrive and the dealers would want to clear up the stock to make space. Make sure you are well aware of new releases.

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