Types of ballet dance

Have you taken part in figure skating dress competition? Did you find their O many ballet dancers? If yes, then you surely noticed some difference in their steps and moves. 

There are many types of ballet. In some you have to buy ballet shoes but there are a few which needs barefooted. Few of the types are:

  1. Classical Ballet: It is the earliest type of ballet dance. Thee are further types of classical ballet according to the geography and history from they were originated in which French Ballet, English ballet, Russian ballet and many others are included. It consist of numerous techniques which are named on their creators.
  2. Romantic Ballet: It is the actual ballet in which dancers have to stand on their toes. The dance because popular during artistic movements which modified it and in 19th century. In this types, the focus is given to female dancers and their dresses. They have to wear traditional white coloured tutus. By their moves, they express extensive emotion. They act as ghosts and sylphs. COPPELIA and LA SYLPHIDE are names of its two techniques that can make viewers to sit at end of their seats.
  3. Neo-Classical Ballet: Neo classical ballet is the modern ballet. It does not have formal clothing and complex steps. That’s the reason why IG can improve your well-being and moods. You can integrate any music in it. It consist of modern techniques and choreography. 
  4. Contemporary Ballet: Contemporary ballet is mixture of modern and old techniques. It involves floor work. The dancers has to perform without shoes. This experimental dance was invented by William Forsythe.
  5. Vaganova Method: It is mixture of French, Italian and Russian ballet styles due to which it has soulfulness, romanticism and virtuosity. It is basically revolutionised version of old techniques. It express clean lines and softness. Therefore, these dancers are strong and flexible.
  6. Cecchetti method: Cecchiti method is basically a classical dance with different set of training. The dancers of cacchetti method are so flexible that their moves are like an instrument. It involves working on every part of body so that your hands and feet create synchronization.

So, these are basic types of ballet. We think ballet is a type of dance but NO, it is not only a type. It is home to a form of dances.