Why Do people suicide?

Why Do people suicide?

For me and you, it is easy to say that a person has committed suicide because of suffering from severe depression but it actual it is too difficult to commit it. It needs courage to commit it and it also demands bravery to stay away from it. 

A person who commits suicide is suffering a lot. Depression and depressive disorders does not mean to remain sad all the time. It does not mean to isolate oneself. It is more than it. It means to feel emptiness and nothingness at all. The person who wishes to commit suicide feels that he or she does not have any worth and importance in this world. He or she is dumb and worthless for everyone. The people are in such state that at times they feel that people are suffering because of them or they feel that they are burden on this world. For them, they are wasteful material who should be thrown. 

There are many causes of it but at times, it is the society which is responsible for. Most of them people from our society and community like to bully each other. They don’t think that how they are hurting somebody. They pass insulting comments and cracks such jokes which can hurt sentiments and feelings of somebody. Besides, there are people who keep on staring each other which is not less than harassment. 

At many times, there is terrible past and any horrible present moment that can upset a person for longer time period. Many people in this world commit suicide because of financial situations and result because these situation make them feel worthless in front of everyone. At that time, they are not in that state that they could understand that there are people who suffering like them. And most importantly, at many times they know all of this but they want some peace of mind. They want relaxation and satisfaction. They want a little drop of happiness. 

Try to be with them. Give them your eyes and ears. Listen their words. Don’t give them solutions. They just want somebody who can listen to them and feel their pain. Read about depression on websites and find more about it. While you are at it, keep a safety harness Dubai close to you as well.

Hope the article will help you to know about depression. May it will assist you to take your friends out of depression or depressive disorders but don’t forget to recommend them to see a psychologist.