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Super charge your dental esthetics

Every person is unique so there dental treatment needs are also unique. While talking about veneers it is an important aspect that every veneer treatment is made uniquely according to the requirement of the said patient. The reason of high pricing is that they are custom made.  There are different veneers Dubai price according to the material you want in your veneers. To know about different materials look at this:

Composite Resin: Veneers made out of composite resin are less expensive and better for you if you want to retain your natural teeth as it is. This is because in this treatment there is a little to no requirement of tooth filing and they can be used on your teeth’s natural shape and sop their work to give you a beautiful smile. As these veneers are less costly they will not last longer as compared to other veneers having good material but the main benefit is that you can get a beautiful and natural looking smile within your budget constrains. Despite of having cheap material they will provide you many benefits same like expensive veneers that are; avoid discoloration of teeth and avoid gap generation between your teeth.

Porcelain veneers: These veneers are a bit expensive then the former one and as a result they have high quality and last longer. It shares the benefit of composite resin that porcelain veneers also need very low tooth filing and they also conserve the natural shape of your teeth while giving you a brighter and natural smile. The word brighter is used because the porcelain layer above these veneers reflects light in a way our natural teeth do which makes it more desirable and attractive to have. These veneers are totally custom made at the clinic of your dentist to make sure the perfect fit and comfortable adjustment. Due to their custom made characteristic these veneers match the natural shade of your teeth which will make you feel confident because they look natural and you do not feel odd while having them in your school, university or at your workplace. You can comfortably wear them at any place without getting out of the ordinary looks from others. These are expensive but for the sake of a long lasting beautiful smile you should go for this type of veneers.